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People ask me what my secret is to having such a youthful appearance at age 67.

There are a few factors...

  • Clear all past trauma to embody peace in the present,

  • Eat healthy & organic,

  • Keep moving... keep dancing,

  • Maintain your body's flexibility,

  • Drink lots of water,

  • Be kind, starting with self,

  • Be in stillness, meditation, or prayer,

  • Get out in nature,

  • Invest in quality skin care

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It filters toxins. We never question the importance of changing the filters in our car or water filters. Keeping the primary filter of your body healthy and nourished allows it to function much more effectively throughout your life. The radiance of glowing skin is a beautiful side effect.
For me, having a quality skin care routine with pure natural products is non-negotiable

Very soon this page will feature my favorite pure and natural Ayurvedic Skin Care for use from head to toe.
So stay tuned!


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