Who Am I?

I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. For most of my adult life I pursued a creative career. I used to have my own flower business. I became an actor around 1996, and I am still a member of ACTRA, the Canadian Actor's Union.

I moved to Toronto at age 27, and a few years later, I started a career as a stage magician, working on a cruise ship, at birthday parties, banquet halls, the CNE, and night clubs. My speciality was dove magic and fire artistry. I presented my magic show with a dance presentation. I believe I've been dancing since I was in my Mother's womb.

I was quite happy with my career of acting, magic, and selling my illustrated poetry and crafts at music festivals and gift shops. Then one day changed everything. It was November, 1999. I was standing in a Toronto subway and across from me was a billboard that said: "Teenage prostitution is child abuse." I went into shock. That child was me. Like many sexual abuse victims, I blamed myself, and I carried a secret shame and lack of worth for years, that I kept hidden from the world. Until that moment, I was unaware that I had been abuse victim.

Later that day, I had a big breakdown, which very quickly transcended into a magical breakthrough, that ultimately sparked my desire to help other women clear their sexual wound imprint. I share this story in detail in my book, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment, in the chapter: Day of the Grackle.

I went on a spiritual journey having my own conversations with God about my sexual expression and how it integrated with my spirituality... my light body. My sexual healing journey continued for a few more years. Over time, what I discovered is truly beautiful and profound and I knew I had to share it with others.

I discovered that even though I had never heard of the word Tantra, in my early healing days, I was in fact discovering my own Tantric Sexuality journey grounded in self-love and spiritual connection.

In 2002 after moving to Vancouver, I attended a T. Harv Eker seminar. It was my first time being at an event like this. I was fascinated by the facilitators. I thought how wonderful to have a job where you can impact so many lives and also work from the stage... this appealed to the stage performer in me. So, I approached Harv, and he quickly hired me to facilitate a breakthrough process where I guided 200 - 400 participants at a time to move through their fears from a space of calm through the art of fire eating. I continued to be a lead facilitator at Harv's event every summer from 2002 to 2019. That is what introduced me to a career of facilitation.

I became certified in various healing modalities and coaching programs. The more I explored healing modalities and witnessed the results, the more I wanted to make facilitation and coaching my primary focus. Since Sacred Sexual Healing & Enlightenment was my journey, my passion is in helping others do the same.

Now years later at age 67, I have become a leader in this field. I have honed my ability to guide others to clear their sexual wound imprint, and to fully integrate the beauty of their spirituality... whatever that is to them, with their sexual expression.

My healing abilities and expertise, combined with my love of dance, retreats, and community has evolved into this body of work that I now offer on this Artistry of Amor™ website.

I have developed a deep love of writing over the years and am the author of 3 books. My most in depth book is, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment, endorsed by Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. I have now authored the newly released, Your Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity Blueprint. My first book, The Playful Partnership is currently off the market and up for revisions.

Through my faith, the developing of my facilitation abilities, and through the guidance of incredible mentors, I have transcended decades of my own inner journey to guide thousands of workshop participants and clients through their own healing and expansion.

I am a Certified Holistic Rebirther, Compassion Key® Master Practitioner/Circle Leader Teacher, Satori Protocol Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Money Archetype® Coach, and certified in Mental Health First Aid. I have also trained in Intimacy Coordination for film. I have been blessed to appear on platforms with some of the most world renowned spiritual mentors.

I now embrace a life as a vibrant elder, savoring the joy of being in a body as a Sacred, Sexual, Sovereign Being. I express myself through dance, art, community, and the work I offer on this Artistry of Amor™ site.

My name Jaitara came to me through prayer in 2009. It means: Behold the Mother of Liberation. It is in perfect mathematical balance with my birthdate.

I experience joy in my life every day. I am so grateful and blessed to have multiple incredible sister friends, a beautiful man, and dear Divine masculine friends. Time in nature and stillness is nourishment for my soul.

I serve through my work as a spiritual guide, facilitator of healing, facilitator transformational dance, women's empowerment, and couple's intimacy.

I am an ordained Priestess, which basically means I am a conduit between the physical and the spiritual realm, and I share the work I love from a space of service and devotion. I am a master facilitator of healing and transformation.

Beautiful Soul, it is my deep honor to serve you.

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