You & Me One-on-One

Thank you for the honor you place in me through the consideration of your trust with your time and energy on your journey of healing, liberation, and expansion.

I am devoted to serving you in the highest way possible, drawing from my life experience and over 20 years of professional experience as a facilitator of healing, mentorship, and spiritual expansion.

All of the private work I do with my clients is held in the highest of confidentiality. I will never disclose who my clients are to anyone. It is up to the client if they wish to share of their experience working with me.

I look forward to connecting with you and to being of service.
Much love,


deep dive clearing


These private one-on-one 90 minute sessions are powerful, effective, and go deep. Even if you have tried many other methods and still feel the ouch of this tender wound. After one of these sessions you will feel a shift as never before.

If you do not carry the sexual wound imprint, this methodology is equally as powerful for clearing imprints from any past trauma... emotional abuse, money wounds, persecution, and ancestral trauma.

Sessions are for all genders, and held on Zoom.

Dear One... it's time to finally be free!


Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™

Reading & Clearing

PREREQUISITE: You must take the Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Blueprint quiz & read up on all 8 Archetypes before receiving this session.
Get the quiz & book at this link for $7.

  • Want me to help you step into your highest expression of your Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Blueprint?

  • Are the imprints of past wounds or trauma in the way of fully embodying your Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Archetypes? Want to clear this past crap once and for all?

  • Or, are you a couple and want guidance on how to best harmonize your unique Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ languages so they compliment one another in the highest way, verses collide.

for couples

Enriching Intimacy

  • Are you curious about the art and magic of Sacred Tantric Sexual Intimacy?

  • Want to add more spiritual depth to the beautiful connection and love you already share?

  • Has sex slipped into a routine rut, and you yearn to reignite & breathe new life into sexual expression?


  • Feel more deeply spiritually connected before, during, and after sex than ever before.

  • He takes his sweet time, slowly savoring your very essence, touching your body, heart, and soul in new exquisite ways.

  • She is even more turned on by you… craving more pleasure and connection with you.

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